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The Mid Hudson Valley Mortgage Bankers Association was formed with the purpose of fostering professionalism, education and strong ethics in the mortgage banking industry. The association is comprised of Mortgage Bankers, Mortgage Brokers, Savings institutions, Commercial Banks, Credit Unions, Attorneys. Title and Abstract Companies, Appraisal Companies, Insurance Companies, and other real estate and financial professionals working in the real estate finance industry.


Throughout the year the organization hosts educational and networking events for its members to improve their lending skills and loan practices, increase awareness for fraud detection, improve fair lending awareness, marketing and ethics.

The Mid Hudson Valley Mortgage Bankers Association also works closely with The National Bankers Association and the Mortgage Action Alliance to track legislation and regulations to ensure that their impact is fair to the industry and does not provide undue hardship on the consumers we serve.

We have proudly served our members and fellow real estate professionals since 1985. We are looking forward to serving you.


Mid Hudson Valley Mortgage Banker's Association

Code of Ethics

The members of the MHVMBA, as responsible providers to the public for mortgage financing services, and recognizing their duty to provide such services with the utmost professionalism, integrity, competence and diligence, subscribe to the following code of ethics.

Members of this Association shall:

  1. Conduct their business in a competent, professional manner, insuring that they and their personnel are knowledgeable in the particular area of mortgage banking that they participate, and act in compliance with sound industry practice.

  2. Make every reasonable effort to assure advertising and other business practices are not misleading to the public, nor shall they contain any intentional misrepresentation of facts.

  3. Keep themselves informed with respect to all applicable laws and regulations, and comply therewith.

  4. Cooperate with governmental bodies charged with regulating the mortgage banking industry, assuring the public of fair and honest treatment with respect to mortgage financing.

  5. Conduct themselves with integrity and dignity in their dealings with the public, and recognize and respect the confidentiality of their clients.

  6. Attempt to reduce all agreements to writing and provide copies to all parties engaged when agreements are not in writing, members shall accord all oral agreements the same sanctity given to written agreements.

  7. Conduct their business so as not to deny equal professional services to any persons for reasons of race, color, creed, sex, religion, national origin, marital status, age or disability. 

  8. Take care not to make representations concerning interest rates or other material facts that are not realistic.

  9. Make all reasonable efforts to facilitate each loan application in a timely manner.

  10. Promptly advise client of approval, declination or other material information which comes to their attention in the processing of any mortgage loan application.

  11. Take all steps to avoid conflicts of interest with their clients, and if a conflict of interest come to the attention of a member, to promptly disclose such conflict to all parties.

  12. Not to engage in activities that constitutes the unauthorized practice of law, nor shall members recommend against legal counsel when deemed in their best and honest judgement the interest on any party to a mortgage transaction.

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